Fitness Trainers offer variety of workout programs, for different needs ranging from weight loss, muscle gain, interval, older adults all away to competition preparation. A superb workout program plan is not only essential for a good body, but also develops great mind and health. Our focus is to provide complete fitness and health by combination of amazing workouts with preferred diet plans for you.


This training involves low to high intensity workout with some resting period in between. This is a combination of low intensity workout and high intensity workout. A simple example would be combination of walking and sprint on a treadmill. Personal trainers often design interval training combinations for intermediate fitness enthusiasts to develop higher stamina while giving slight rest by lower intensity workouts in between.


It’s a great strength training to develop muscle and stamina. Key here is to jump from one exercise to another without taking breaks in between. An example of superset exercise is to work on chest followed by back without any break. The reps and weights are to managed carefully for each set. If followed with proper guidance this training helps you develop quick muscles. Most common superset training involves working on opposing muscles.


This is an advanced version on interval training which focuses on series of high intensity workouts with small rest period in between. This workout is widely accepted and preferred since it gives high impact by small period of workout. During high intensity interval training, you increase your heart rate rapidly which helps you burn high number of calories not just during the workout but post workout too. This is a great stamina building workout.


In modern times, Karate is no longer only a self-defense technique but is also a great workout to stay fit. Karate is a complete fitness package which helps you develop a great physique as well as bring more discipline in your lifestyle. Despite changed objective of Karate classes, the fundamentals of it are still the same which ensure great advantages to everyone. Our trainers ensure you enjoy learning about respected ancient technique to boost your fitness level along with bringing moral developments in your lifestyle.


This has become one of a great fitness choice among people. Trainers help you develop better and quicker muscles with boxing sessions. Also, it works as a great stress booster for everyone. During boxing session, you push your stamina and enhance your focus. It also is a great way to learn breathing techniques to last longer in workouts. Boxing sessions have been greatly appreciated by even people who have just started their fitness journey. With the help of our fitness trainers you can get comfortable and see quick results in just few sessions.


UAE is extremely passionate about football and like most other sports, it is also a great sport to stay in good shape. A sport not only helps you develop good lean physique but also refreshes your mind. Our personal trainers provide expert football training sessions as they have been a professional football trainer themselves. By football sessions, kids enhance the love for this beautiful game and also learn the value of a healthy and fit body.


A group workout is a great way to keep yourself motivated for each session and stay on track. We offer a variety of group training’s for all age groups. Couples workout works like charm to bring couples in great shape while bringing the emotional connection too at higher level. Not only couple, friends and family members of different age can also enjoy great deal while working out together. Along with being extra beneficial, group sessions are economical as well.


Even though almost every training program helps you reduce extra weight, but we have designed special programs just for weight loss. In this program, exercises are designed to help you achieve your target weight as quickly as possible while maintaining your health. 8- and 12-weeks programs are widely preferred among people who are looking for quick results.


While weight loss is a much shorter journey, muscle gain requires lot more hard work and patience. Muscle gain training involves lesser amount of cardio activities and heavy amount of strength training exercises like weight lifting etc. With help of our certified professional trainer, people of any age or gender can easily follow the workouts and develop good muscle.


Most recent studies show that workouts are beneficial during and 9 months after the pregnancy. Once your doctor has given you a go ahead to start working out, it’s best to hire a certified and experienced personal trainer. Since you would need undivided attention during this period, getting a personal trainer is the safest and most effective option. Our trainers design stress relieving workouts for you during the pregnancy and keep close watch for any sign requiring medical attention. Post pregnancy you’ll need special training to adjust with the recent changes your body has gone through.


Our highly trained personal trainers understand the body change with age. Post 30, body goes through changes and the workout routine needs to be changed accordingly. To retain the same amount of muscle, you’ll need to make changes in your training;s as well as diet. Also, the key is to gain the best fitness and health as you grow older. Our trainers provide you suitable workouts and design the best diet plan for you.


Training outside in fresh air has its own benefits. We offer various training programs like Boxing, HIIT etc to be performed outdoors. This set up helps as a change from the usual set up of workout at Gym. Also working outdoors is good for stress release as well. Several studies have proven the fact that outdoor trainings improve mood and reduce depression.


To develop a healthy lifestyle, there is no better age than to start as a kid itself. For kids there are various fitness activities available including sports. Our trainers provide football training’s along with gym exercises suitable for kids. Karate and boxing are great workouts for kids to bring more discipline in their lives at early age and also to develop healthy habits.


In recent times, companies are becoming more and more aware of employee’s health challenges. It is very important for people with corporate jobs to engage in some physical activities to make up for sitting all day. So if you are looking for giving best fitness training’s along with long lasting motivation for a healthy lifestyle, we can help you. We conduct fitness training events for companies and run a variety of training programs suitable for the audience.


Individual training with our personal trainers is definitely sufficient for you to stay in good shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, to challenge you a little more, we also conduct boot-camp’s where you will be getting different style of workouts by specialized trainers. This is a good way to push yourself and learn many new things from the best.


Zumba is the best fitness method for those who love to dance, irrespective of how good they dance. Zumba is a fun filled workout with intense cardio for 45 minutes. We have certified Zumba instructors who can help you lose 600-800 calories in an hour and that too with a smile of your face at all times. If you wish to have Zumba session with a smaller group, reach out to us and we can work it out.


Although almost every workout helps you release stress and fight anxiety, probably Yoga is the best-known workout to help you gain mental peace along with attaining toned body. During yoga session, major focus is on breathing, balancing and right posture. So with help of our certified trainers you will master the art of yoga and lose weight while developing mental strength.


We understand how challenging it is to prepare yourself for a competition, be it sports, body building or something else. Despite having good knowledge of fitness, it can get challenging to follow the right diet and right set of workouts. So if you want to ensure that you achieve your 200%, then we are here to help you. Our professional trainers will guide you through process and will help you with your requirement. Also you will have 24/7 support from our fitness experts.