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Over 5 years of experience

Fat loss expert

Home, gym & outdoor workouts

Internationally certified

Boxing expert


TINA | REP’s certified PT

I offer clients the best personal training including Fat loss, General Fitness, Boxing reaching results at Home or Gym or Outdoor. I know from first hand how to push every client to get what he/she wants physically, emotionally, psychologically.

Endurance and Strength

I provide step by step gradually strength training in which every person develop strength efficiently.

High/Low Intensity

Every training contains High intensity exercises, so all people can benefit in short period of time.

Group workout

Benefiting from my 5 years experience in providing Couple or Group training, I give you maximum benefit working out in a group and push each other.

Weight loss and Muscle gain

Following 50+ successful programs in Weight Loss, I have put together 8-week and 12-week programs specifically for ensured 100% results.

Boxing and Kick Boxing

I have found boxing to be the best workout for stress relief and elevating fitness to another level. I have encouraged people of all age group to learn and enjoy it.

Pre/Post NatalDiabetesDisabled people

Impossible becomes possible with Fitness Trainers.