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Over 5 years of experience

Nutrition specialist

Home, gym & outdoor workouts

Internationally certified

Weight loss expert


STEFAN | REP’s certified PT About me

I've spent whole my life in sports.

After graduating from University of Physical education and Sport in the coaching stuff and personal training department I got a first job as group and personal trainer for men and women of all ages in one of the best fitness centre in Belgrade, capital town of Serbia. I was getting my licenses and knowledge about the gym by attending a lot of seminars all over Europe. After getting my boxing license I've started working one more job as boxing coach of junior team as well as assistant of coach of senior team in the club where i was training before. I moved in Dubai in 2019 and so far I have 2 years of experience working as a personal trainer in Dubai.


Level 2

Level 3

ISSA nutrition certified

Degree of physical eduction and sport

HBX boxing certificate

Expert in

Strength - Condition


Functional training

Toning muscles

Core - Strength



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