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REECE | REP’s certified PT

Health and fitness is my passion. I am proven to be a driving force in this industry and a true mentor to my clients. My commitment and dedication is directed towards guiding my clients on a physical and mental journey of self-discipline, to build an unstoppable strength of character. Whether it is to lose weight or gain muscle, to focus on physical injuries or to simply live a healthy lifestyle, in the end we all want to be and look the best we can for ourselves. Every client is unique and I will adapt a personal training program around your needs. Every session with me, will leave you hungry to return for more. My motto - Don’t stop when you are Tired, stop when you are DONE.


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★ Level 3 nutrition certified

Expert in

Strength and conditioning

Weight loss - Muscle gain - Toning


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+50 men and women life changing transformations

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