Fitness Trainers offer variety of diet plans, for different needs ranging from weight loss, muscle gain to healthy lifestyle. A good diet plan is not only essential for a good body, but also develops great mind. Our focus is to provide complete health and fitness by combination of amazing workouts with preferred diet plans for you.


This diet consists of only plant-based products. It is a popular choice among people since it opposes animal cruelty and exploitation. So, this diet excludes not only meat but dairy, eggs and animal-derived products such as honey, albumin etc. Since it is a low fat and high fiber diet, it helps with weight loss. However, for quicker weight loss results, vegan diet works only with reduced calorie intake.


This diet requires limiting carbohydrate intake between 20-150 grams per day, depending from person to person. By reducing carb intake, we force body to use more body fat for fuel instead of carb. Protein and fat are the key intakes of this diet while carb is cut down. This diet is extremely helpful in weight loss for overweight individuals. Reducing carb also benefits in losing belly fat, managing blood sugar levels, insulin levels and cholesterol level.


This diet involves high amount of protein and low carbohydrates. Benefits involve not only weight loss but also maintain and repair muscles. High protein diet includes eating meat, fish, dairy products, vegetarian protein options like- brans, soy, tofu, edamame, spinach, asparagus etc. High protein makes you feel full and helps you lower your daily calorie intake. A well-balanced high protein diet is a combination of both plant and animal sources of protein.


Keto diet or ketogenic diet includes low carb and high fat diet. This diet focuses on high fat which is strange to many, but this diet is very beneficial for weight loss. Basics of this diet is to reduce carb and use fat as key body fuel instead. There are various types of keto diet available to choose from. Key food options for keto diet are eggs, chicken, turkey, fatty fish, meat, nuts and seeds, non starchy vegetables, nut butter etc. With this diet you will have plenty of meal as well as snacks options.


Many believe vegetarian diet to be the natural way of food system for human. This diet involves all plant-based products and dairy products. While vegetarian diet is quite simple to follow and offers variety of nutrients, one must be careful to not to use too many processed products. A vegetarian diet must be well balanced and should intake measured intake of carb. If one wishes to use vegetarian diet for weight loss, measured intake of all nutrient is the key. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in vegetarian dietfor protein, fat, carb, minerals etc.


This is probably one of the most interesting diet plan. In this diet a person eats during the certain interval while goes on complete fasting for remaining hours. This diet has been really effective for weight loss and promises quick results. Here the focus on not on what you eat but on when you eat. You can enjoy a variation of food in the non-fasting period. Incase you want really quick results, you can go on a strict diet during the non-fasting period as well. To ensure proper benefits of this diet without any side effects, it’s important to follow it correctly and have a guide.


This is a old-school and healthy diet plan which is more than just a diet but is a lifestyle. This diet was followed in Italy and Greece many decades ago. Key benefits of this diet is not only weight loss but also prevents heart risks and diabetes. Key food options for this diet includes vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, fish, legumes, olives, eggs, yoghurt, seafood etc. While being on this diet you get to enjoy a variety of food options but you must avoid any high processed food options and sugary products.


This diet has a strong assumption of linking modern diseases with modern eating habits. Hence in this diet, you bring back the hunter-gatherer era back on your plate. So the major focus in this diet is to eat whole foods, vegetables, fruits etc and avoid any processed food. This diet also excludes legumes, dairy, whole grains etc. By nature of this diet, it reduces the daily intake of carbs and increases protein. It helps with the weight loss and also reduces risk to heart diseases.


This diet is designed to lose weight in a sustainable way. It involves 4 different phases- 2 for weight loss and 2 for maintaining. Here you focus on high protein intake and low carbohydrate. Key is to choose the duration of each phase suitable for your weight loss goal. During the weight loss phase focus is on high protein food options and highly reduced carb intake. In maintain phase you can add non starchy vegetables and then some carb and fat. Expert guidance is recommended for this plan to ensure weight loss in a healthy manner.