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Finding the best instructor that suit to you, for at home training or a Dubai gym personal trainer we have list of professionals, fully qualified and experienced trainers to ensure you select the best personal trainer in Dubai for your fitness needs.


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Are you searching for perfect personal trainer in Dubai ? It is fast and easy with the Fitness Trainers website. Match your fitness goals with a local male or female Dubai Personal Trainer.

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We include a variety of customized training and diet programs for fast results.

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Voja Budrovac

REP’s certified PT

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Ayken Budrovac

REP’s certified PT

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Milos Jankovic

REP’s certified PT

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Dunja Zaric

REP’s certified PT

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Aset Sadikov

REP’s certified PT

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Our approach.

Our work has been recognized with multiple successful results in short period of time. From bottom to top, personal trainer design workout programs for each individual to reach their fitness goals. Unique workouts step by step gradually will build your stamina, strength and fitness levels.

Advanced workout

We upgrade our services through our training with champions of world in Fitness, Karate, MMA, Boxing. We love to be challenged. We have the ability to work with highly demanding clients.

Martial arts

Create a healthy, fit lifestyle.
With step by step process uplift your fitness to another level with Karate and Boxing in Dubai – UAE.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★SPECIAL OFFER1. Trial session2. Flexible timings3. Workout plan4. Diet plan5. Boxing

How we do it

Our approach is to make a results, and takes inspiration from experienced proved Personal Trainers in Dubai – UAE. We create results of real value for long term in fitness lifestyle. Our focus is your success.

Top performance

Depending your goals or experience level, we have the trainers to help get you from bottom to top. Whether you’re just starting out, and need help learning how to train safe and with more impact, our personal trainers have the knowledge and experience help you reach your goal progressively.

Diet plans

Keto diet, vegetarian diet, non-vegetarian diet, weight loss, muscle gain, toning etc. We provide all successful diet to our people in Dubai – UAE, included in every membership. 30% Workout – 70% Diet

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